Stuff for Laravel, Raspberry Pi and LoRa


ACL auth : Spatie and a good tutorial

Observers – Native to Laravel and great for adding or changing fields when using databases or anything

VueJs : This is a good site with heaps of instructions on how to set up Laravel with Vue

Relationships : Tutorial on the basics of Laravel relationships


An intro to LoRaWAN: The Lora-Alliance has info on LoRaWAN along with the protocols and specifications.

AU915 stuff: Dragino info, also works with SX127X chips

LMIC Library for Arduino:

LoRaWAN Gateway: There is a good gateway and packet forwarder here for the ic880a board with the RAK831 gateway


Raspberry Pi

Headless setup: This is a good link explaining how to setup ssh and wifi on a headless Pi

VLAN: Using a MiktoTik

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